A New Model for Management: Reshaping HR

We have non traditional views of how managers and HR should work together in a human-centered organization. We’re not negative about HR per se: People are any organization’s most valuable resource, and those who know the most about people are absolutely critical to good management and organizational success.

But we are negative about bad HR, and we are equally negative about managers who don’t take responsibility for the most essential part of their jobs. Most of the problems with HR arise when managers don’t want to manage people and when HR – for good reasons and bad – steps in to take over.

Giving up some power to management may increase respect for the HR function, as it does its own jobs well, rather than doing managers' jobs badly.

In this module, we’ll share ideas about good (and bad) people management and what it takes to make it happen. We’ll look at some of the ways in which traditional HR departments miss the mark. And then we’ll move on to the good stuff – what great HR functions look like, and how HR technology and the emerging field of people analytics can help.