What makes
organizations great?

What makes them successful, productive, inspiring, and sustainable? And what makes others fail?

The Human-Centered Organization is a collection of writings, podcasts, and frameworks created by two experts out of their practical experience.

Robert Rosenstein

is the co-founder and chairman of, one of the world’s fastest-growing online travel platforms. Mr. Rosenstein is also Strategic Advisor to the Booking Holdings Group CEO.

Peter Allen

was Agoda’s first vice president of People and Organization Development; a University of Chicago Ph.D. and Wharton strategic management M.B.A., he has also worked at McKinsey, Google, and Standard Chartered Bank.


What makes organizations great?
We believe that what matters most of all to an organization’s success is its ability to develop human capital – to find great people, attract them in, empower them to solve difficult problems, mitigate their less productive impulses, keep them engaged, and help them grow inside the organization.

Failing to focus on people is a primary reason why the best organizations lose their way, and why so many promising new ones fail to gain traction.

The key:

Putting people at the center of organizational strategy and structure.

It is possible to make growing organizations more durable, more adaptable, and more financially successful over the long term by focusing first and foremost on a human-centered organization.

People are what makes it all tick, so the critical goal is finding – and getting the most out of – great people.This means making significant changes in how you organize and run your organization.


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