Recruiting Great People

Recruitment. Talent acquisition. Hiring. Call it what you like – it’s the single most important thing you can do, especially in early-stage, fast-growing organizations.

Do it right and your chances of success increase dramatically. Do it wrong and you’ll have no end of headaches – if you even manage to stay in business. (As Jeff Hyman puts it in his book Recruit Rockstars, “90 percent of business problems are actually recruiting problems in disguise.”) As in personal relationships, so at work: more than half of success is about picking the right person.

As a manager, you must own recruitment - because you are going to live with the employees and are responsible for their performance.

And it’s not necessarily about finding someone who seems to have enough experience, who fits in, or who looks like other people in the organization – or who looks like you. These qualities, extensive research has shown, may or may not be relevant to success. Instead, it’s about finding people who can really do the job you need to get done, who can exert a positive influence on others, and, as we like to say at Agoda, “contribute to the culture.”

The benefits of hiring well are exceptional – as are the costs of hiring badly. We can’t guarantee that we can help you get hiring right every single time, but we can definitely help you do it significantly better. That’s what this module is for.